Codes of Conduct

Coaches Code of Conduct

Players Code of Conduct

Supporters Code of Conduct

Coaches Code of Conduct details the expectation of coaches in dealing with players, parents, officials to support the game to develop with fairness, fun and respect as key elements of playing and coaching.
Players Code of Conduct details the expectation of players towards umpires, officials, coaches - the focus is respect and enjoyment of the game.
Supporters code of Code details expectations of supporters in supporting teams and the club. Critical in this is the support of coaches, umpires and officials.

Parents Code of Conduct

Officals Code of Conduct

Administrators Code of Conduct

The Parents code of Conduct details the expectations of parents in dealing with their children, coaches, umpires and officials and supporting playres from both sides in their development as basketballers.
The Officials Code of Conduct is designed to assist officials such as umpires in the behaviours expected of them. Officials , including umpires and association administrators are an integral part of the game.
This Code of Conduct is for Sydenham Club committee members at lays out expectations of the committee members in their behaviour and interaction with all aspects of the administration of the club.


Privacy Policy

Security Policy

Refund Policy

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The Club policy is to not to provide refunds for membership once a player has registered, been placed in a team, paid registration and the season has commenced (including grading games). The club operates on the smallest registration charges it can to make basketball as affordable as it can for players and families. There are administrative costs committed to the registration and operation of each team which are not recoverable. As a result the Club cannot refund these costs on behalf of players.

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Committee Documents

How to register on Team App- step by step guide:

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Keilor Junior Basketball Assocation Bylaws:

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